Nokian WR D3

segura y sin preocupaciones para vehículos familiares pequeños y medianos

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Cómo comprobar la medida de sus neumáticos

El tamaño adecuado para su automóvil se especifica mediante una serie de números y letras, por ejemplo, 205/55 R 16 94 V XL. Puede comprobar la medida correcta en los flancos de sus neumáticos actuales o en la ficha técnica de su automóvil.

  1. Anchura por ej. 205
  2. Altura por ej. 55
  3. Llanta por ej. 16

Silent Sidewall Technology

More driving comfort

Silent Sidewall Technology is a special zone constructed on the sidewall of the tyre that cuts out any noise and vibration carried over from the driving surface by the tyre tread. This reduces noise, making driving more stable and comfortable.

Slush Blower

Safer driving on wet and slushy roads

Research shows that driving in slush is even more dangerous than driving on wet or icy roads. As the name implies, the Slush Blower blows the water and slush away from the tyre's grooves. This significantly improves the efficiency of aquaplaning and slushplaning prevention, and also helps to maintain road contact on wet and slushy surfaces.

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Cool Touch Design

Low rolling resistance

Cool Touch Design minimises the friction and heat generation caused by unnecessary sipe movement. This is assisted by the heavy siping that does not break the edge of the tread block. This ensures excellent grip, while the framed block remains rigid. When the friction and heat generation have been minimised, the tyre's rolling resistance remains low. This makes the tyre roll sensitively and effortlessly, while saving energy.

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